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In order for avoidance to work and protect you from becoming prey, you must encompass the threat in your reality.  What does that mean, exactly?  How you perceive the world around you is your reality.  Reality is a habitual, persistent thing you have built into the system over time, based on personal experience, belief systems, etc.  According to your reality, your mind will filter out data it deems unimportant so that it never comes up on the radar, i.e. the screen of your conscious mind.  It has to operate this way, because you would literally be bombarded and overloaded with sensory data.  This can be terribly disadvantageous when it comes to perceiving a threat before it is upon you, especially if you have no idea a threat exists.  Being on autopilot all the time steals precious time you have to perceive and react to a threat, which is why I am always harping about awareness skills.  This may require you to modify your belief system, and educate yourself about the nature of the world, which can be a difficult process.  Nevertheless, it is necessary for survival because the world is NOT a safe place.  Go out to the FBI website and peruse violent crime statistics at http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/cius2008/index.html, and you know what I am saying is true.  Evolution already did a beautiful job in transforming you into a sophisticated organism that truly is the superior predator in the landscape.  All you have to do is unlock your latent abilities to protect you from other predators of your own kind!   Begin developing sensory acuity to perceive more.  Educate yourself on the three C’s—Criminals, Crazies and Crusaders and gain an understanding on how they operate.  Open up your reality, and nine times out of ten, your prepared mind is going to keep you out of trouble and winning, without the fight.

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AwareNESS + WillingNESS = Combative Mind

Here is an excerpt (p. 17) from Handgun Combatives by Dave Spaulding:

“The NESS brothers are a visual model for the installation of an action/response for personal combat.  The NESS brothers can also be known as a NESS lifestyle.  Awareness means many things.  It means, certainly, knowing what’s going on around you.  It means being aware of your environment and always being vigilant, using the corresponding color codes and an accelerated OODA Loop whenever necessary.  It is also being aware of new tactics and techniques that may become available through advanced training, reading and through viewing videos.  That means being aware of anything that is new and notable that may assist you in your quest for proficiency.  It also means willingness.  Being willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how distasteful to come out on top of your armed confrontation.  It also means being willing to train, yes, spending your own time and money to develop and perfect defensive skills.  Many people are not willing to do this.  It makes one wonder if people are not willing to spend their own money and time to invest in their own survival, how are they possibly going to be willing to do whatever it takes to come out  on top of a confrontation.  It means being willing to do whatever it takes in time, money and commitment to win any possible confrontation that may face you.”

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Attack the Attacker!

Wikipedia defines a simple attack as one which is executed in a single movement with no overt intention other than to hit the opponent.

When the stars are aligned, you have recognized a threat, there is no space to run, and their attack is imminent, then attack! It is my opinion that defense is not the best option, attacking is the only option. Your attacker is expecting to overwhelm you. Do not give them the upper hand. Fight! Obviously, if running were an option, this would be my first choice. However, this choice is not always available, so you need to learn to strike first, fast, and hard to vital target areas. What does the law say about hitting first?

The general criminal law allows for the use of necessary and proportionate, non-deadly force in self-defense anytime the victim reasonably believes that unlawful force is about to be used on him. – Peter Hobart, Esq.

The standard for use of deadly force is, predictably, higher. The general criminal law allows for the use of deadly force anytime a faultless victim reasonably believes that unlawful force which will cause death or grievous bodily harm is about to be used on him. – Peter Hobart, Esq.

Alright, go get educated. Talk to your legal counsel and learn your rights under the law. When you survive a violent confrontation, you need to do it legally, mentally and physically. All of these factors are important. Most self-defense instructors talk about surviving both mentally and physically; however, legally winning after the incident is over is never discussed. Legal issues involve lawsuits and lawsuits can equal big money from your pocket. Knowing your rights under the law will go a long way in ensuring that you win any type of lawsuit.

After you win a violent confrontation, the police will be called and your peers will judge you on your reasonableness. What would a reasonable person have done in a similar situation? This is always the first question asked, and precisely why running is always the first option or choice. Most reasonable people will run if they have an opportunity. When you cannot run, then attack. I must reiterate: attack the attacker. Again, they are not expecting this. Attack with no overt intention. “Make your fighting stance your everyday stance.” This is great advice from one of our ancient warriors, Miyamoto Musashi.

When you think of attack, use the acronym that I learned from Tony Blauer, CWCT – Closest Weapon, Closest Target! Reach out and touch the attacker, hit them as hard as you can and then run. If you believe that attack will cause death or grievous bodily harm, then attack and do not stop attacking until the threat no longer exists. Run, call the police, call your lawyer and prepare next for the legal battle. It will come, so be ready!

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